Living Mountain

Smelling blood and hearing silence, the party creep up to the bar quietly, finding a surprise party. Their friends are there to see them off, and they sleep in, hungover the next day, before heading down with snowshoes to easthaven. #weather Lightly snowing
Heading into town told about pickpocketing being legal. Journey sleight of hand saves vs orphans, who storm past and steal his satchel. Prudence appears behind party and returns satchel to Journey with a smile. They talk about how there is a wizard to burn at the stake and prudence intro’s the town. (#GMKNOWS Prudence swapped the satchel.)
Coming up to the burning, party less Zeissan are met by well-dressed captain Argaloth. She asks if they are from the living mountain, recognizing their uniforms. She takes delivery of a satchel from Journey. The satchel jingles as if by sound of coin, and Captain reads a brief note, before signaling the hi sign to militia with torches, to light the pyre.. Dzaan does not scream or writhe. The people huddle close to the flame. Prudence and Captain discuss missing fishermen – Ogg, Nogg, Bog, and Peter.
Meanwhile, Zeissan goes into local library, recovers BLOODSTAINED VOLUME and a CATALOGUE OF MOUNTAINEERING EQUIPMENT. Signs them out of library. Clark clerk is asleep.
Party goes out across the lake in light snow with a rowboat hauled on ice by killian and journey. They push it into water and head out. Good survival rolls help them navigate the floes and find a cave system with four mouths and a boat floating outside, the Bunch O’ Knuckleheads.


Makirut Makirut

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