caves ossuary

Zerci scouts a bit inside each of the caves for Zeissan. We determine it easy to climb inside. Zerci notes footprints on frozen river to south entrance. Party takes south entrance. Killian breaks ice inside cave holding WATER WYRD
Party is split up for combat against the wyrd, but the wyrd cannot move on ice surface. Party takes advantage of this, and eventually wyrd withdraws.
Party climbs small waterfall together and short rest to dry out killian who was submerged.
Party investigates further, finding skeleton of frost giant, which begins to break free of ice and attack. Otto runs through, jumps down onto icy lake, sees SEA HAG, and retreats following river east, then south.
Frost giant cannot stand up worth a damn. Zeissan attempts to block passage. Everyone slips and slides out of the cave.
Returning past the ferry to the town hall, they find the captain up late in her office. She bitterly thanks them for the news that a hag and a giant skeleton killed/ate/disappeared the four fishermen. She says to speak with the speaker in the morning for reward, and sends them with clerk Clark to the White Lady Inn for lodging.
Party come in, find three women in corner, Bartaban bartender, and Rinaldo, bard who wants to séance. Some want to séance, some don’t.


Makirut Makirut

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