Otto and Eleth get into drinks and transformations. Rinaldo leads Journey, Killian, and Zeissan into other common room hung with silks and scents of incense. Farmers and others working class sit there eager to begin. No introductions are made, but Rinaldo begins.
How do we get to the treasure at the bottom of the lake? Maud Chiselbone knows about the treasure beneath the lake.
How will we know it is the treasure? Hands that crawl.
What else do you need to worry about? Invisible Dwarves
Where? Caer Konig, Caer Dineval, Easthaven
No dumb questions, the farmers are impressed. Party meets Hlin Trollbane, and gather in séance room to collect the Cold Killer quest.
Zerci by now has noted footprints duergar. Party eventually steps out, turns on elemental lantern. Follow lantern SE and then pursue Chwinga tracks successfully west. Meet with Chwinga for RP. Chwinga alights in favor of Eleth.
After this, to easthaven ferry after dwarf tracks.
The party come up on the ferry, and note the ice has been chipped off the door to the cabin onboard. Some things are overheard by party – as duergar debate who will take statue to Sunblight.
The Duergar go out on patrol, find lord otto on dock, and prepare to attack. The party fight the duergar.
After vanquishing duergar and taking KLASSKA unconscious as PRISONER, Journey and Killian see the White Lady tied to the figurehead inside cabin. Her face springs open to reveal horrible visage and new combat.
Combat with Ghost of White Lady
Party scares away ghost, which withdraws to depths of the lake (#GMKNOWS Rinaldo will séance summon again soon!)


Makirut Makirut

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