Party ready to set out in sleds.
Party have all had first dreams now…
Chest left at easthaven stables for weight reduction.
Otside easthaven, killian notices ambushers ahead with zerci.
Seven primitive warriors. Wolf tribe.
Warriors offer trial by champion.
Otto accepts in common.
Warrior declares the stakes are for life!
Warrior wants to face otto if he accepted.
“Karatatukar” scaleface, “Karatatukar”
Otto thunderwaces the warrior to death
Other warriors stomp and clap their spears. The party passes through.

Party hesitates to go into town, confused if they might become human sacrifices.
Zerci does a full scouting mission, and notes areas of activity. Party pulls up past merchants stores and other places to Uphill Climb Tavern,
They have letter from prudence, sealed with black wax and apparent symbol of a flying sword..
With history roll, can determine the caer was built and family failed to defend city from orcs, then family all starved centuries ago. Town rebuilt since then.
Kulenov is expecting their arrival on time, thanks to prudence flying serpent. He offers them to come in and have some chowder. They decline hospitality. Kulenov intimates that speaker is sick, and has taken on some new staff in the caer.
Party just leaves letter and scarper’s on to Caer dineval impolitely. Tavern here looks warm. Party suspects more cannibalism. They leave quick to deliver food.

Clear air, aurora overhead, see the roc flying, no, the roc does not follow a pre-set pattern each night from what they can tell…..
Arrival in caer konig, note that nothing lasts with ruined caer and its history.
Trovus springs out of snowbank with bottle and greatclub at the ready, welcomes dogs and adventurers in, food unloaded into storeroom. Killian unharnesses dogs and otto lights fire. Dice table and bottles and humble quarters noted. Plenty of firewood in speaker house.
Plan made to set ambush at north light tavern. Complaint of dumb big-mouthed bard in bryn shander. Talk of lantern granting wwishes.
Go to northern light inn. Dogs stay in speaker house. Otto draws dire wolf out of bag of tricks, tells it to guard the lantern and attack oncomers. Lantern of elementals finding hung up above door. All go in to meet the sisters. Allie shows she can take care of Trovus and takes orders from party. She is wrong about mountain dwarves stealing food and ale.
Cori, working the kitchen proves to be more impressive to party in between Trovus’ rambling.
Coppertooth Brittlebottom almost eaten by Otto’s direwolf. About pisses his pants when Journey and Zeissan pull the dire wolf off of the Halfling commoner. Zerci keeps a good lookout.
Coppertooth doesn’t speak, but shares priceless chowder with trovus. Party only get pickled knucklehead trout for food and expensive ale.
Party spend the night at Trovus house. Coppertooth joins four players of dice playing with IOUs at the fireplace of Northern Light tavern. Trovus can’t pay party. Northern light offers rest and food.
Next AM party head out to find NILDAR based on Duergar map references.
En-route, random encounter with mtn dwarf clan battlehammer fishermen.
Six or so shield dwarves hauling a sled behind them loaded with fish. They flick off eleth when they cross paths. Dwarves are wearing green.
They say fuck off it’s cold don’t bother us.
Party lets them go on, and then continues.
With 21, Killian is able to scout out the location of NILDAR in the frozen creek dug into hillside.
Others want to join. Zeissan almost gives away their position by casting mage armor. Otto and Eleth give away their position trying to sneak up to pill box.
Pill box and other overlook sentry sound the alarm and start attacking.
Otto sidles up, puts a giant rat into the pillbox, and transforms into a spider to enter pill box. Transforms back into kobold, and flees north through trap door.
Zeissan tries to bonfire pillbox occupant. Others begin slipping past pillbox toward gateway.
Meanwhile interior guard has raised drawbridge and alerted 3 other occupants. About to free ogre zombie.


Makirut Makirut

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