Getting To Know You

Batu the Blue, Cage, Claw, Berk the Pirate of Dread attended

We arrived, sailing into The Yellow City harbor. The crew and cast went into the Silver Griffin pub, explored its opium den, and irritated the wizards Thomas and Roger as much as possible. Olimar the gnome told them about town, and the elephant races. The Eunuch in charge of the Silver Griffin could get Cage into the Elephant Races.
An unamed Githyanki gave Cage 100gp while being overly cryptic.

When Thomas and Roger lost their chill, a bar fight errupted. Meanwhile Cage wagered against captain red for the Horizon Walker.

Cage won, and the gang went to the HW to secure the deed and steal the captain’s posessions.

A mob formed at the silver griffin and moved toward the HW.
Cage & Co. escaped across a goblin ship, and then a vampire ship. They fed the one goblin guard to the bay dolphins. Then, they headed to the night market.


Makirut Makirut

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