Ain't Nuthin but a Hound Dog

Batu the Blue, Berk the Pirate of Dread, Claw, and Cage attended

Kage seemed to come out of a kind of Daze, regaining his faculties. Batu and Berk helped him get re-oriented with Oukum while Claw sized up the door. He remembered saying “Blood for the blood god”, but not much else.

Kage noticed sounds off to the west, and so investigated the area. The party crept forward and confronted a lurking Helmed Horror Golem. Splashing around, they were able to flank the monster. Oukum donated his rapier to the cause, and Claw turned his abilities as a Rust Monster against the monster.

It took a lot of effort to get the Helmed Horror down, and then Rust Monster CLAW ate the adamantine doors blocking access to the sealed sacrificial shrine. The doors can be salvaged later for Adamantium. Inside, Claw soon confronted two Hellhounds.

Kage quickly looted the Helmed Horror’s Dark Magic Helmet, Adamantine Warsword, and Horrid Tower Shield.

The hounds nipped at Claw before engaging their fire breath. Unable to recharge their breath powers, the Hounds soon fell one, and then the other. Oukum mostly fiddled with his scroll. We’re not sure what it says or does yet. The hellhounds got the better of Berk a couple times, but he was willing to try and solve the puzzle of the shrine once Claw and Kage found the key-rods. Batu lowered the four humanoids off of the shrine’s meathooks.

Inside the hellhounds, had been a 7-sided star key, a round key, a triangle key, and a pentagon key. The Party used process of elimination to solve the puzzle. Triangle, Circle, Star, Pentagon was the correct order.

Inside was a great deal of coin, some valuable bars, four potions (unidentified), the Shield of the Hidden Lord and a map case.

The party decided to try waterboarding the shield in the holy water spring they found earlier. It didn’t seem to work. Batu kept an eye out to the environment, and caught three human adopted children of the Vanthampur sneaking up on their location. In the end the Vanthampur withdrew, not seeking a conflict.

The party had four potential exits before them 1) back the way they came, 2) to the west hallway past the altar room, 3) north past the sacrificial shrine, 4) east into the ruins. The party decided to wait and rest in a fortified position, and so set in for Watches. The shield seemed willing to make some vague kind of deal, and wanted to be taken elsewhere.

Nothing happened on Claw’s watch. Kage didn’t detect anything. Batu heard footsteps and sounded the alarm to attack a Bat, and Berk had no surprises. The party succesfully long-rested.


Makirut Makirut

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