Totally Routine Delve

They have transcended, and there can be no return.
Batu the Blue, Claw, Kage, and Berk the Pirate of Dread attended

After the probe from the imps, the gang decided not to head back up immediately. Their map was one of 1d4. 1) Cosmic map, 2) Map of Cultist activity and caches in the Yellow City, 3) Map to the Dwarven City, 4) Map of Sigil or Hell

Claw was particularly excited to do some dungeoneering, so they headed east through the nearest hall. Kage, bearing the helm of the Horror, saw through the tattered reality into a BackRoom where hundreds of Ratcatcher Alexeis were stored on the shelves. They decided to delve through the crack and widen it, in so doing attracting a Monitor’s attention. The Monitor was attacked and went off for now. The Monitor sounded the first alarm.

After moving through some gearworks, the troupe slammed into a tight fight with a party of conquistadors from Luigi Marino. They pinned one, Miguel of Alentejo, and Oukum used his spell scroll to destroy the Conquistadors and their priest companion. Kage salvaged several muskets and pistols and silver shot, powder horns, as well as their singed bibles. Kage took the gaudy silver crucifix of the priest for himself and wears it proudly.

Miguel speaks a little Latin, and so can converse with Claw in Dwarvish. He believes it is The Year of Jesus 1481. Miguel is Portuguese. Miguel is freaked out, but hopes to show this world the light of Jesus Christ, his god of death. Miguel is a little weirder around Oukum than Claw. He also had a bandolier of whisky flasks on him. Miguel has been on this plane for 20 hrs, but has lost his sense of time. He fears that he is going mad, and sleeping, and dreams.

From there, they decided to trace Miguel’s footsteps back to whence he came. He led them East to an intersection, where the allure of many doors caught the party’s attention. These were round porthole-shaped doors with hand cranks to open and shut them. They acted like a sphincter on closing and open, triangular metal plates retracting into the frame.

They opened one door to clown makeup. They opened one door to a Monitor Eye. They opened a door to gelatin, which had a halfling doll part from earlier swimming in it. They opened a door to an aquarium with clownfish and glowing purple minnows in a large school. They opened a door to Gibbering Mouthers, and three came out. The Monitor eye sounded the second alarm.

Miguel tried to help, and ended up mostly shooting the party in the back. Oukum disappeared. The party whittled away at the Mouthers, Berk was briefly blinded, and the mouthers did some serious damage to the tanks before going down.

Mostly the party seems to believe they are in a fever dream. Can’t wait for reality, real-reality to set in.


Makirut Makirut

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