First Sessions

Chapter Two – Hunting Evening

At around 1800h a bomb detonated outside the front entrance to the office of Marshal Euye. The building had already been evacuated, and the security forces were positioned to ambush attackers approaching the glaring armor plated distraction in the middle of the Financial District. Cadres of militarized extremists across the city launched a series of attacks against the Security Arm, and normal order broke down into rioting in the Financial and Industrial districts.

The #078, an infantry battalion under the command of a new Colonel was dispatched to Bethel, arriving via the industrial sector. Upon entering the Financial District, Colonel Omen Thufroat cut off their communications with command and began sharing arms and equipment with the locals of the sector. They have dug in around several towers and established a base in the lower levels of the Financial District. They have made taken no action towards quelling the riots there. The Security Arm, Expeditionary Army, and Marare Planetary Navy branded these persons as traitors.

Marshal Euye and his forces secured the Spaceport+Elevator and requested reinforcements from the planetary Security Arm. They have begun fortifying their position. Sedition among the ranks of the bureaucracy and sabotage of local security elements have crippled the city’s proper immune response to social unrest. Elements of the Marare Planetary Navy have broken atmo and begun to muster military forces at a beachhead outside of town. With them is the expeditionary army’s 1666th Armored Cavalry and their support elements. They are deploying howitzers, plasma projectors, walker tanks. In other words, the planetary government has everything one needs if the broad walls of Bethel are to be utterly broken, and her high gates burned within all the fire and hatred technology can muster.

The operable militia forces refocused their efforts after the defenses were set. They led raids against the popular movement sustaining the rebellion, capturing key leaders and arresting over a hundred members of a religious organization known as The Path of Sheba. These prisoners are being housed in the main public areas of a mall near the space elevator.

Euye and his forces are not alone. Mercenaries hired using ExchangE funds are in Bethel working towards rounding up the last of the members of the popular movement. One cell of Lazers – the crew of the Vivian – ably protected a pretech laboratory operated by the Marare Academy, and in the process may have saved the life of G’Selah Martel. The Martel Family is one of several noble houses within the ExchangE. Like the Akrez and Smith Families, it is an economic powerhouse unto itself.

The mercenaries working off of the Vivian were contacted by a Tribe official, shut down a local waffle house, and secured the saboteur Doctor Feufri Iitaunoush. He promises them he can win them a large payday… if only they transport him to Risoervere – a moon of nearby Atmabi. (Players should note: Atmabi is home to the Kro’Tar “Ice Giants”)

First Sessions

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