Space Religions

Zen Gnosticism
founded by Abor Ubair a hundred years ago – life is not to be lived, but to be shunned and completed with as little experience as possible. The phenomenal world is an illusion. Social programming distorts reality and hides the truth of existence behind a curtain of signs. At the core, it only gives suffering to its subjects who cling to maya. Nothing is signified by all of these signs saved it’s nothingness as a deception. The average person is spiritually asleep and dead to spiritual reality. All gods are evil. The universe is evil. You will be reincarnated in order to appreciate only more suffering. So, put on a sardonic grin already.

Mock Judaism
obsessed with the preservation of paper literature and ancient culture, many modern Chosen would rather that the Mandate, corrupt as it was, remained in a position of influence over the many worlds of man. Their lifestyle has kept a semblance of the ancient Talmud alive to this day. The Jewish people have been persecuted across time, across every sector, in almost every environment, and yet theirs is a culture that has endured, withstood, suffered everything their gods have given them. They are the people left to pray for Earth and Israel.
Now, many of their hubs – neighborhoods and communities which are predominantly Jewish – play host to tourists, gawkers, and school field trips. The life of most of the Chosen has been turned into a kind of theme park for amateur anthropologists among the citizenry. By education and a sense of familiarity, the Chosen protect their existence in the 33rd century.

Chardinist Catholicism
advocating collaborative development of programming firmware that values networked communities and minds. characterized by deep and mystical optimism about the future unification of all beings in the universe at what is known as the Omega Point or Satchitananda. Collaboration and unification are a virtuous circle that build an ultimate accuracy of truth in information systems and mental programs.

High Islam
purged of native beliefs and practices from Terran Mandate days. Gone are the days of magic and ecstatic rituals, lost shrines and amulets, the veneration of saints, and animistic worship. Earth is better off forgotten. The holy site of orthodox worship once so venerated by Muslims of Earth transformed from the physical space of Mecca into a neutral system of exactingly created identical stone structures. The site of worship is not within the mosque but within the self as a self defines itself. The practice of bowing on the floor for prayers is continued, although rugs have been removed. For a Muslim practicing modern High Islam, their life is a desperate prayer to their god Allah. For with the fate of Mecca unknown, mankind is now lost in itself. Only imams or professional lecturers on High Islam wear any manner of regalia.

Space Religions

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